Cleopatra's Bling

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This elegantly embellished band comes in gold or silver, and is named for the heroine of the epic Renaissance poem Orlando Inamorato, in which Angelica is the beloved subject of Orlando’s affections.

As Princess of Cathay, Angelica was so beautiful that any knight she met would pursue her hand in marriage. In a moment of great danger, as she fled from these unwanted suitors, she became trapped on a rock by the ocean. She was about to be devoured by a great sea monster when an African knight named Ruggiero rescued her, and gave her a magical ring which has the power to render the wearer invisible. She used this gift to maintain her freedom and independence, by placing the ring in her mouth and disappearing at will. No longer needing to flee, she lived a happy life full of liberty with the magic ring as her most precious item.

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